The jammer can isolate the communication signal from a long distance

Russian troops in Ukraine have been able to land UAS in Ukraine, making it impossible to provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). They blocked the air defense radar, rendering command and control ineffective. Since Russia began to enter Crimea in the spring of 2014, these capabilities have been demonstrated. Shortly after the Russian army began to arrive in the region, the Ukrainian army began to find that their “radio and telephone were unavailable for several hours.” Meanwhile, the international conflict control organization European Security and Cooperation Organization has been reporting that drones observing conflict in eastern Ukraine.

North Korea has used ground GPS inhibitors in the past to affect military and civilian aircraft and ships. Harrison said there is evidence that insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq have also used this portable jammer . Russian media said that the development of Russian military technology can offset rival aircraft, ships and missiles within a radius of 5,000 kilometers. Vesti News reported for the first time on April 14 that a Russian fighter has successfully tested electronic jamming devices on the US warship, the Black Sea destroyer Donald Cook.

There are many systems that can be used to replace dangerous or dangerous drones, but they usually have a big problem: you need to be relatively close to the drones, which can be frightening if the robot aircraft carries explosives. DroneShield believes it can help. Launched DroneGun, a jammer that blocks signals from drones 1.9 km away (including GPS and GLONASS positioning). Like most competitors, it will not destroy the target drone, it will only force the vehicle to land or reach the starting point. Anti-UAV troops can not only stop threats within a safe distance, but also find pilots. Chinese authorities have now begun field testing of their latest anti-drone “weapon”, which can remove undesirable drones. In a large football match held in Wuhan, China, the Chinese police recently brought a new type of drone inhibitor pistol. Any drone at the scene of the intrusion will be disabled and forced to bypass the system’s signal jammer capabilities.