Will the jammer function be applied to mobile phones in the future?

According to the theory of electronic radio operations (REC), Russians now have complete electronic warfare capabilities, doctrine, organization, training, material, leadership and education, personnel and facilities (DOTMLPF). “REC combines signal intelligence, direction finding, dense jammers, spoofing and destructive fires to attack enemy organizations and systems through its control means. The goal of REC is to restrict, delay or abolish the use of its command and control systems by enemy enemies. At the same time, the Russian system is protected through electronic countermeasures. The estimated goal of the system is to destroy or destroy most communications between the enemy’s command, control and weapon systems, whether through interference or destructive fire.”

Specifically, Russia is interested in testing this technology, which is not unreasonable. At least Russia has invested heavily in electronic warfare technology, which will “interfere” with GPS signals, making it unusable. The US Army’s Office of Foreign Military Research pointed out in a 2016 intelligence summary that Russia has integrated a huge network of gps jammer into its civilian cell phone network, which may ignite to prevent smart missiles or other threats that rely on the system GPS navigation.

Cheating is possible, but in addition to fighting, they may be training electronic warfare personnel to actively block the enemy’s signal, while the other party actively takes countermeasures to defeat the jam. There is nothing like the two real aspects can be locked in real time / against each other to get a good exercise. You will hear “training while fighting” repeatedly in the army. The newly established Army Rapid Capability Office will focus on Russia’s threats to the Army’s networks: cyber attacks (hackers) and electronic attacks (wifi signal interference), especially against GPS signals against US forces. Reinat did not specifically say that the drone jammer was part of a batch of materials provided by the Russian company to Iraq, but the United States has repeatedly expressed concern that Russia will transport these materials in violation of the United Nations sanctions ten years ago. An arms race in space that is under development or in China, Russia and Arsenal. Space weapons include satellite blockers, lasers, and high-power microwave weapon systems.