The jammer only prevents the reception of cell phone signals within the shielded range

What are the advantages of building a signal jammer? You can select the frequency band to be blocked according to your needs. For example, when the mobile phone frequency band is selected, the jammer only prevents the reception of mobile phone signals within the shielding range, and does not prevent other nearby electronic devices from operating normally. After removing the phone from the interfering device, the phone will resume normal operation. In addition, the signal jammer is simple to operate, generally connected to the antenna, plugged into the power source, and can work normally, which is very convenient. However, please note that the purchase must be used for legal purposes and not for illegal purposes.

Jammers sounded illegal at first, but not all jammers are used for illegal purposes. Many of them are for legitimate purposes. What is a WiFi jammer, what are the application examples of WiFi jammers, and are WiFi jammers legal? What is a wifi jammer? The jammer sends the same frequency as the interfered signal. If the signal sent by the jammer is stronger, the original signal cannot be used, or the connection becomes more difficult. A WiFi jammer means that the exchange of data packets is restricted or impossible, which prevents the correct combination of data streams and shields the WiFi network.

Where can I buy a wireless jammer? WiFi jammers are small devices. Some small and low-cost WiFi jammers are very common and cheap. They can be purchased on websites that interfere with shops, and prices range from tens to hundreds of dollars. For experienced electricians, manufacturing jammers is not a big obstacle.