Phone signal jammer prevents a tragic fate

The prison jammer is a jamming and cell detection system. IJS 6000 is an intelligent unit system designed to prevent unauthorized calls while allowing authorized calls to operate. Using Prison Jammer, it is possible to manage and control unauthorized calls in prisons, courts, military facilities, or unauthorized calls in specific environments that need to handle mobile phone activities. In correctional circles, it is called a prison jammer or prison jamming system. Smart jamming systems are more than just prison cell phone jammer. It can manually and automatically detect and block unauthorized phone use and/or phone activity in designated areas. The cell detector composition is used as a cell detection center and can be used as a managed access system or combined with a series of cell interference components.

Using mobile phones at gas stations can cause explosion hazards. Please turn off your phone when refueling. There are usually warnings to prohibit the use of mobile phones at gas stations. Although in many countries/regions, cell phone signal blockers have become an ideal choice for stopping calls at gas stations. For mobile phone and gas station users, the final recommendation is to buy modern and trendy mobile phone signal shielding kits, and they have recently advised all branches to beware of user emotions. . Cause an explosion. Coming here, is a professional online jammer shop, a powerful portable jammer can avoid unnecessary dangerous situations, so your gas station will need it. You know, there have been many explosions due to the telephone used at the gas station. Now you can use phone signal jammers to stop the tragic fate.

According to reliable sources, the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission is considering a proposal to install cell phone jammers on taxis and limousines to prevent drivers from leaving their phones and paying attention to the road. They plan to use a smaller interference range. Due to the limited range of interference, passengers are advised to always call from the back seat. Drivers of course objected. They said that mobile phones are essential to their work and they should keep in touch with customers. What do you think? Obviously, the purpose of this proposal is good, allowing the driver to focus on driving without a mobile phone. According to reports, many car accidents are caused by drivers of vehicles using telephones, which have attracted people’s attention. Although this is very dangerous, many drivers are accustomed to answering phone calls while driving. Mobile phone jammers may block the phone signal to prevent the driver from unloading the phone. This is obviously good, but once the jammer is used, it is equivalent to disappearing while driving, which makes family and friends worry.