Portable jammers can enjoy the conditions and enjoy the pleasure of traveling

Due to the precedent of interrupting communication equipment in the college entrance examination in recent years, in order to completely eliminate these phenomena, signal jammers have been widely used. So what is the obstacle principle used during the college entrance examination? In fact, this is equal to the time it takes for the mobile phone to send and receive information. The phone jammer is like an oversized horn, the output of the “noise signal” is too large, and the phone cannot hear the “mouth” sound. , Also known as wifi jammer. In short, the job of the shield is far from blocking the phone signal, but blocking it. It is equivalent to using useful electromagnetic signals in a large number of harmful signals.

Japan allows the installation of mobile phone jammers in public entertainment venues such as theaters and concert halls, but the premise is that a government-issued permit must be obtained. Last week, the French Minister of Industry approved a decision to allow installation of devices in cinemas, concert halls and theaters, but only if relevant regulations must be followed so that emergency calls can still be made. carried out. Canada is considering approving the blockade under similar circumstances. But Industry Canada, which oversees Telecom Canada, decided not to do so, saying that these devices can be linked to law enforcement and security agencies.

The full name of the mini GPS signal interceptor is “Car Carter Mini GPS Signal Jammer”. Nowadays, more and more people own cars and often drive to talk about business, travel, etc. Once the conditions are determined, there are dangers to life, private life, and work. And many people are trapped in this situation, in order to improve the conditions, then using a mini GPS signal interceptor is a good choice, because the car GPS jammer is designed for cars, this kind of portable jammer, so you can easily To advertise small cars in cars using 12V power supply without worrying about telling you to drive. Finally, the price of this mini GPSL1 signal blocker is also very low, so people can easily solve the tracking problem without spending a lot of money. Without having to spend a lot of money and enjoy driving. Safety. With this miniature GPS signal automatic blocking function, you can enjoy the conditions and enjoy the fun of travel.