Cell phone jammer prevents calls at gas stations

But is this mask really effective? The entire frequency range of electromagnetic waves is very wide from the smallest Hz to the largest hundreds of GHz. Each part can be used as a communication signal, but some special general-purpose protective equipment is “skilled enough”, and the “five types” of “incomplete sound” shielding can only block a few safety tools. The communication frequency band of the unshielded frequency band communication frequency can be used. Therefore, the number of cell phone jammer must be increased and try to continue covering all areas to get it away.

Using mobile phones at gas stations can cause explosion hazards. Please turn off your phone when refueling. There will usually be warnings prohibiting the use of mobile phones at gas stations. But there are still people who are not careful, although in many countries, cell phone jammers have become the ideal choice to stop phone calls at gas stations. For mobile phone users and gas station attendants, buying modern and stylish mobile phone signal shielding kits is the latest and wisest suggestion.

In fact, most drivers are reluctant to install mobile jammers in their cars. Because this will affect emergency situations. However, imagine that if possible, the jammer will turn on while the car is driving, preventing the driver from using the phone while driving. After turning off, you can turn off the portable jammer without affecting the phone’s use time. But there seems to be a problem, what to do when the car is in an emergency? I think he can set up an emergency button for emergency calls. After activating the button, it will turn off the phone jammer and allow you to use the phone. What do you think

Of course, there may be other problems. However, using text messages or phone calls while driving is obviously a dangerous decision. You can turn on your phone to check certain information when you are resting. In any case, to avoid this situation, please consider using interfering agents.