The wifi jammer device stops all wireless monitoring

You know, this may sound interesting and ridiculous, but we at Perfectjammer are pretty sure it can be done. Scientists at iBionics have created a way to control cockroaches through radio signals. They choose cockroaches because they are small, durable and can crawl almost anywhere. Another reason is that these bugs can survive in harsh weather conditions, such as high temperatures, low temperatures and extreme radiation. These scientists claim that their invention will be used in rescue operations to help extraction teams find survivors in the wreckage.

Everything is like this: you need to connect the chip with the radio receiver to the back of the cockroach, and connect the wires to the wrong left and right antennas. In this case, the signal will be transmitted directly to the bug’s antenna. Therefore, when the signal hits the antenna on the right side, the error will assume that there is an obstacle on the right side and try to cross the left side. The same goes for the left antenna.

The only thing you need to do to turn this error into a spy error is to install a camera on its back for real-time video streaming. In this case, we will have a remotely controlled drone, but it is active and transparent. Although there is a protection method. You can try to use a wifi jammer device to make sure that no cockroaches are watching you. The device will block the control signal and the error will lose control.