Wi-Fi signal jammers can block radio signals in a wide range

UBI is a voice-controlled computer, just plug it into the wall to start working. The device is really cool, its development started with KickStarter, and this is not the only device that has emerged from there. That UBI computer can do many things. It will automatically connect to the Internet through your Wi-Fi router, and then it can start searching and tell you the results. It can also make calls, monitor the condition of each room, and notify you of all changes in the house when you are out.

That microcomputer is equipped with a bunch of sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, light and many other things. It can also wake you up, remind you of various important tasks, and even give advice on what to wear now. UBI will be an open platform, so developers will be able to create their own applications for it. In that case, our perfectjammer thinks its function will be higher. You can also access UBI through its web interface via a tablet, laptop or smartphone to read all the data it collects. Therefore, you will see that UBI can act as a thermostat, walkie-talkie and baby monitor.

As I have already said, it connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, which means it can easily get stuck. You can turn off the router and UBI will lose the connection. There is another way, if you cannot turn it off or you need to turn on the router. You only need to use a wifi jammer near UBI. That corkscrew will block all 2.4 GHz signals in the area and ensure that UBI is prevented from connecting to the network. By the way, it is available for pre-order now and will be available in early 2013. Thanks for your question, I hope to help you.