Wi-Fi jammer devices can set up a large interference field

I live in an apartment building. We have a shared hall. We have to go through this hall to reach the door of our apartment. My neighbors are very paranoid. They installed Belkin’s NetCam there and snooped on every rumors coming and going. I need some help to stop them.

You know, sometimes the neighbors are really bad, and we receive a lot of complaints about them! They deliberately engage in espionage, watch TV too loudly and steal Internet traffic. But you should know that there are countermeasures to your listening problem!

We also recently discussed some Belkin products. Belkin’s NetCam is a Wi-Fi network camera that can stream video to a PC, tablet or smartphone. It is fully compatible with iOS 4.2 and higher and Android 2.2 and higher. Therefore, using it you can receive streaming video at 30 FPS almost anywhere. What we should mention is that the camera has a night vision system. It consists of 8 infrared LEDs, and their light cannot be seen with the naked eye. The camera can work in low or no light conditions.

But as I said before, this is a countermeasure. perfectjammer can provide you with a suitable defense solution. The only weakness of the camera is the data transmission channel, namely Wi-Fi, which uses the 2.4 GHz frequency. You can simply block this frequency, so their smartphones or PCs or even tablets will definitely not receive the signal. Therefore, with a simple wifi jammer device, you will be able to create an interference field that forces Belkin’s NetCam to lose its connection for a period of time.