No data will be transmitted before turning off the wifi jammer device

I heard that Wi-Fi will be available on the plane soon, and I want to know, is it safe enough? First, I am worried about its impact on navigation and other important devices. The second question is, I don’t know who I live with. Maybe someone can hack my smartphone, laptop or tablet, or even intercept my traffic? First of all, we should say that any Wi-Fi network is dangerous, whether it is encrypted or provider, simply because of the nature of the radio waves it uses for data transmission. But we can assure you that Fly-Fi does not pose a danger to the important equipment of the aircraft itself. Therefore, using it will not cause crashes or other things, but it is still dangerous. If you are sure that your particular tracker uses CDMA technology, you will be forced to block CDMA (450/850 MHz) frequencies and GPS interference. In this case, no data will be transmitted until the combined interfering device is turned off, and your location will remain hidden. To the supervisor, it seems that your CDMA coverage is simple and the connection is broken. We must also warn you that if your phone is using CDMA, it will unfortunately be disabled.

Some of our equipment can indeed help you solve your neighbor’s Wi-Fi network problems. We have dealt with these issues. First of all, you should know that your neighbor cannot really help you, because even if he changes his password, it may be cracked. It’s very simple, so I can say that if your child is an experienced PC user, he will be able to do it. Wi-Fi networks are indeed fragile, because the distribution of radio frequencies used by Wi-Fi cannot be simply restricted. But the good news is that you can easily stop them. As far as I know, you need to block Wi-Fi in a considerable area to cover the entire house. In that case, the best option is a fixed wifi jammer. This will ensure that the wireless network has failed within a radius of 40 meters (130 feet). In addition, we should mention that many people worry that these signal blockers may endanger our health, but we can assure you that this is wrong.