Cell phone jammers are the most accessible product

Today, most alarms are wireless, and some tools used by thieves are replacing knives with mobile cell phone jammer. Cell phone jammers or “jammers” are new weapons used by mobs to counter GSM alarm communications. Mobile jammers can be carried in your pockets, and some entry-level products cost less than 50 euros. This tool is only suitable for certain organized criminals. Only when this technology is proven effective will a small number of thieves continue to grow. At least for individuals, the device is regulated, let alone banned in France, but of course, you can easily get a “banned” model with just a few clicks on the Internet.

How does a cell phone jammer work? A cell phone jammer or cell phone blocker only hides the GSM frequency band. The radio communication between the control panel and its components is not affected because it is transmitted in the 433 and/or 868 MHz frequency band. Therefore, anti-theft devices use cell phone jammers to prevent phone alarms from being sent. The thief can also disconnect the telephone line to prevent the alarm from coming out of the house. Frequency jammers have recently appeared in the automotive and telephone markets. These small devices are used to encrypt and redirect the frequency of waves emitted by electronic devices so as not to interfere with specific occupations or reduce available destinations. There are different types of frequency jammers for different frequency interference. More and more theaters and hospitals are using it. Mobile phone jammers prevent mobile phones from receiving radio waves and sending and receiving calls and text messages. If this is a way to win the respect of artists, it is important for hospitals because certain waves may distort the results obtained using diagnostic or monitoring tools such as electrocardiograms.