The demand for exported mobile phone jammers is increasing

Run optimized open source software on modified phones. Therefore, they deceive the radio mast—just like a cell phone jammer—and dip the frequency into a small range of interference signals. A malfunctioning phone can prevent the sending of text messages and calls to recipients throughout the region: forging identities and answering questions in someone else’s name. You can even block text messages in the worst case. Because the radio station sent hundreds of square kilometers of status information even before being called. This process is called paging. The lead author of the study said: “All the phones in the area are ready.” It contains an identification number that can be used by every cell phone to check whether it is on the device. “However, the improved phone answers these queries and answers calls and text messages faster than other phones. For the radio tower, it seems that the real receiver has been notified. But he has learned nothing. In the best case, Only the phone is lost, there is no phone. In the worst case, due to broken encryption and lack of identity verification, even text messages can be intercepted and read.

With the rapid increase of mobile phone users, it is almost impossible to avoid interference from other mobile phones in public. As a result, the United States began to have a small but rapidly developing “Public Order Defender”, and began to use direct means-cellular phone signal jammers to resist interference. “Mobile phone addiction is very common now. Some children have poor self-control ability. Installing a mobile phone jammer can prevent children from playing mobile phones in class. It also prevents students from ordering takeaway programs online.” Mobile phones and parents are more comfortable. Where there is demand, there is supply. Mobile jammers appear and become more and more complex. Some are made into mobile phones, and some are made into formal forms. Users can create a “quiet space” for themselves within a range of tens of meters to hundreds of meters. Mobile phone jammers are not a new technology, but the demand for jammers in the United States has been increasing in recent years. There are thousands of mobile phone signal jammers imported into the United States from overseas every month. It is reported that buyers who complained include cafes, hair salons, movie theaters and hotel owners, public speakers, bus drivers, and even more bus passengers.