Cell phone jammer prevents addiction to the Internet

Schools also have problems in guiding students. The campus of the rugged Port School on Victoria Island in British Columbia is flooded with student cell phones. Principal Gray bought a “cell phone jammer” on the campus. As long as someone uses a cell phone in the surveillance area, the device will quickly interfere with the cell phone signal, allowing the user to hear the embarrassing voice of “please give me the phone.” Although the use of mobile phones on campus dropped by two-thirds after the device, students quickly went on strike and threatened to force key equipment to be dismantled to prevent the provincial education department from “interfering with the legitimate rights and interests of students.” Carry out a detailed inspection of the GSM signal interference line to ensure that it can operate normally. “Liang Yuping, Director of the Market Enforcement Bureau and Director of the Quality Supervision Bureau.” No obvious abnormalities were found. “Liang Yuping said that by June 6, the JIU will return to six test sites for review, “because some equipment investigation centers are now fully in place, also to prevent insufficient verification. ”

“Mobile phone addiction is very common now. Some children have poor self-control. Installing a mobile phone signal jammer can prevent children from playing mobile phones in class. It also prevents students from ordering takeaway programs online.” Mobile phones and parents are more comfortable. “A cell phone jammer is installed in the classroom. Another student named Wang questioned the installation of the signal screen.” Although the child took his cell phone to school, he was always conscious and we trusted him. “Wang said that although he has the contact information of the teacher, he still hopes to contact the child directly. Correspondingly, Miss Li, the office director of Suzhou University High School, responded that the school installed cell phone signal jammers for classrooms on weekends, including up to three.” “The shield” is only turned on during the exam to prevent individual phenomena from appearing in the subconscious of the students, organize the test standards to ensure objectivity and fairness.” She said that the school does not encourage students to carry mobile phones in general, and also stipulates that mobile phones cannot be used in the classroom area and during class.