Mobile jammers ensure teaching order

Recently, many parents on campus in Canada are talking about the “mobile phone war”: With the popularity of mobile phones, many middle school students have a hand, or they use mobile phones to display electronic reading text messages in class, private or campus surrounding cotton: exclusive or new features, Give teachers a headache. If students misbehave, how can they be punished for using mobile phones in class? Most provinces in Canada have regulations. Teachers have the right to take “necessary” teaching compulsory measures to comply with teaching regulations. Some provinces, such as Ontario, classify more “students’ mobile phone use in the classroom” into the category of “interference with teaching assignments”. A high school in Toronto once saw a student holding a cell phone jammer in the classroom. The phone was confiscated by the teacher. The student was eventually rejected in a joint protest.

A school in Suzhou installed cell phone signal signs in every classroom. Netizens believe that like schools are not the place for college entrance examinations, the installation of mobile phone signal jammers is not very reasonable. It is usually turned on, which is detrimental to the interests of teachers and students. Hope schools are disabled and mobile phone signal jammers are cancelled. Mobile phone-signal shielding device. The reporter went west to visit Greater Suzhou. Student Xiao Zhao said that they recently noticed the purchase of a signal jammer on the school’s official website. “Since high school, the teacher will bring it to the classroom every time they take an exam. The AC adapter plug can be used, which is very convenient.” Mr. Zhao said he did not. Know if this sign is open during normal hours because he does not have a mobile phone. Xiaoqian, a high school student, said that the school is in a state of suspension, and she uses her mobile phone when she returns home to contact her parents. “There is nothing wrong with installing signal shielding in the classroom to ensure normal teaching order.” Xiaoqian agreed to the school’s exercises.