Cell phone jammer blocked the classroom network

If all of our lives can be controlled by mobile phones, that would be great for us. However, after seeing the fact that mobile phones control people, you will find that the beauty of mobile phones is not a good choice. What happens when people’s thoughts no longer belong to them? You become numb and feel nothing. You can’t feel the real happiness and sadness, and life becomes meaningless in a world that is completely dependent on mobile phones. How to avoid being controlled by WIFI Bluetooth and mobile phones, how to change the situation you have thought about? You will find the best answer. Buy a WiFi Bluetooth 4G mobile cell phone jammer to control this situation. In life, learn how to use mobile phones correctly, and learn how to use mobile phones correctly. What you call professional etiquette. Although people do not have much trouble in this wonderful world, they are resurrected from the dead. Don’t let mobile phones and the Internet take over our primitive lives, and don’t let high-tech become a weapon to destroy our beautiful lives. We prefer to live in happiness and sadness, because it makes our life more meaningful.

At Chengdu University of Science and Technology, classrooms in the new building are equipped with “mobile phone signal jammers”, which are a good way to prevent students from using mobile phones in class. Does the school really want to block students’ cell phone signals? It was found in the school that in the second teaching building, in an empty classroom, there was a seemingly “black” technological instrument on the wall closer to the blackboard. There was also an automatic switch on the instrument. Netizens revealed that it was a GSM jammer. In this empty classroom, the power cord was not connected to the signal shield and the switch was not turned on. Therefore, the reporter’s mobile phone signal is normal and the network can be used normally. The reporter also found that the second teaching building has several floors, all of which are school classrooms and empty classrooms. The mobile phone signal is not affected, and you can receive messages, make calls, and surf the Internet.