Cell phone jammer prevents prisoners from making calls

In some cases, cell phone calls may interfere with other people, such as B. in a movie theater, classroom, or meeting room. Calls are forbidden in some places. The prison will install cell phone jammer to prevent prisoners from calling themselves. Such “disturbance” is inappropriate in the hands of individuals, and is expensive and inefficient. They also pose a security risk because they can prevent emergency calls. Computer scientists have now proven that even commercial mobile phones can become complaints when changing software. A team around the Software Engineering and Theoretical Computer Science Institute exchanged the software on a mobile phone and took advantage of its weakness in the GSM radio standard. Computer scientists presented their results at a security seminar.

From the perspective of cultural traditions, many Westerners believe that it is “impolite” to speak loudly or make noise in public. But in New York, mobile phones are everywhere, whether in cars, shops, or on the street. In movie theaters, theaters, churches, conference rooms, and even at funerals, cell phone ringtones become disgusting, and externalized users even put their phones in vibration files, which can also cause some facilities to be interrupted. Andrew, an architect from San Francisco, got on the train and sat next to a woman in her 20s. Because the woman was chattering with her mobile phone while she was moving, Andrew chose to be a “mobile phone guard”-he reached into his shirt pocket and had a cigarette pack in the button of the mobile phone jammer. Therefore, the strong radio signal from the mobile phone signal jammer is sufficient to cut off all mobile phone signals within a 9-meter radius.