Dropping a 4G network is too fast

  1. Ah that’s it, it’s strong. According to a report by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (USA), it is possible for anyone equipped with a powerful gps jammer (in the $ 650), to completely drop the 4G network ( LTE network) in a region as large as New York State.

    How is this miracle possible?

    According to Marc Lichtman, one of the experts who wrote the report, the 4G signal is very complex and composed of several subsystems. Unfortunately, each of these layers has several weak points, which allowed Marc to develop at least 8 different attacks. By attacking one of its subsystems, it is possible to bring down the entire system.

    Hot cocoa hackerorist attacks!

    Fortunately, in such a case, 2G and 3G would take over. And of course, it is almost impossible to guard against this kind of attack then it is a problem of design of the LTE network architecture. I think it’s going to be a bit of a problem, especially when you know that by 2017 LTE is expected to become a standard in the United States, including for emergency communications systems. (Yes because the LTE network has good performance for all that is encryption)