car gps jammer can use in USA

But this ban, taken in the name of the precautionary principle, often has no effect. Senator Alain Dufaut was offended buying jammer a little more than a year ago, regretting that “the text does not specify, it will be up to teachers to enforce the law and what could risk offenders ( especially parents) in case of infringement. These UAV scrambler inaccuracies lead to the non-application of this measure, “he was alarmed. The then Minister of Education, Luc Chatel, had told him – like Vincent Peillon – that it was up to each school, under the rules of procedure, to solve this problem. “There are certain provisions that allow us to go to confiscation. In case of repeated failures and recidivism, it is possible to impose school punishments, even disciplinary sanctions “. An explanation that had not satisfied Alain Dufaut: “to sit myself on school boards, I know that it is very difficult to establish rules and sanction their non-compliance”.

The ideal solution, the simplest too, would be that of the wave signal jammer. The problem is they are not allowed. A law prohibits the use and sale. Whether they are called disrupters, blockers or RF jammers, devices and their exploitation are prohibited in Switzerland, as in the European Union. The Federal Office of Communications (Ofcom) explains that in addition to causing inconvenience to users of the radio spectrum, the use can have serious consequences for safety by preventing, inter alia, emergency calls to firefighters, police or doctors

The disrupters have followed the technological evolution. First used to scramble communications (in trains, restaurants, cinemas, theaters …), they have also become a means of committing criminal acts: theft of cars or trucks carrying scrambling sales of valuable goods ( decommissioning of the vehicle’s location) or theft in dwellings (disabling the wireless alarm system), for example.

At the level of the Telecommunications Act (LTC), the use of jammers amounts to a deliberate disturbance that can be punished by a fine of up to 100,000 francs. Their offer and sale are illicit and therefore prohibited. The case is different for the prisons, the detainees using their mobiles to organize criminal acts or to plan their escapes. The LTC allows penitentiaries to operate telephone scrambler facilities within their perimeter, with prior authorization from Ofcom.

At a time when all the world’s leading telephone specialists are walking down the aisles of the Barcelona World Congress, there is one who continues to make fun of them. Her name ? Umberto Eco.For him, all the bearers of these “boxes” are slaves of modernity, underlings forced to stand at attention at the slightest call of the sub-administrator delegate. “I’m not hissed,” he told me again the other day in a big Parisian hotel. So far I’ve found our national Umberto cheesy, but the more days and months pass, the more I think he may be right somewhere … In the subway, on his bike, the day of the communion of his daughter, pursued by creditors, persecuted by a bank, we are not safe from a jammer phone that sounds .. Fortunately the new concert halls use GSM jammers, but churches do not are still not equipped … and our toilets have more! Meanwhile in Barcelona we present the future Smartwatches (wristwatch) and new “phablets”, larger than a smartphone but smaller than a tablet. Interest: they do not fit in almost any pocket! The acute telephony (1) has not finished striking.

Americans are looking for a legal way for cell phones jam can look into “passive” gsm scrambler technologies. For example, aligning your lead office should ensure that no signal or exit. But if the lead is too industrial to suit your décor, a more distinguished alternative exists: You can install “wood magnetic” paneling anywhere. A Japanese scientist, Hideo Oka, invented a new type of construction material, saturated with ferrite nickel-zinc magnetic particles that are supposed to divert 97 percent of mobile phone signals just like the high-power jammer.

I recently told you about this RCE Airnergy offering you to recharge electrical devices via WiFi. Because it transports if you want energy.

But many forget that wifi waves are less strong car wave jammer than mobile waves. For example imagine the intensity that must produce