Baccalaureate Fraud: “Inconvenient GSM jammers in front of 4G phones”

Access to the Internet will be interrupted for one hour, at the beginning of each Baccalaureate exam which begins next Wednesday. “It’s not very practical,” acknowledged Imen Houda Faraoun on Monday, June 18 on the channel III.

“We are a bit too protectionist. But this is done so that our children pass the exam in serenity. If we do not cut the Internet the first who leaves the exam room will have fun scanning the subject and put it online. It will be shared with solutions and all Algerians will exchange the subject. And it is the reputation of the ferry that will be jeopardized, “she said.

For the ICT minister, “cheating exists everywhere and has always existed”. But the possibility of cheating in the exam room, even if it is limited to one or two people, will produce “a very bad impression on the morale of the candidates,” she said.

Fayçal Azouaou is a research professor at the École Supérieure d’Informatique. He analyzes this choice of the government.

To resort to the blocking of the social networks for the vat 2018, that supposes that the gps jammer which will be installed inside the classes of examinations are not effective? And how do they work to prevent the laptop from connecting?

The jammers send electromagnetic waves that prevent the laptop from connecting to the network within a range of two meters to several hundred meters depending on the power of the devices. These jammers are not always effective, a GSM or 3G jammer acquired by the department a year ago, can not fight against the new 4G phones, so the department must always renew the jammers it uses, which has a financial cost, a jammer with a radius of 50 meters can easily reach 400 euros.

A jammer placed in an examination center may also have shadows, that is to say, there may be a room in this center that is not covered by this jammer.