Unusual. A jammer to prevent use of the phone in class

Drunk that her students prefer her laptop, Marie (1), teacher in a high school Sarthe, ordered a jammer on the internet. She has been using her “toy” for over a year and a half.

Just type “cell phone jammer” on a search engine, and the object of the crime appears. Fearless that her students are using the keyboard “under the cloak”, she decided to do the same. “I activate it with classes that annoy me, I hide it with a notebook, in general. It’s a real problem with laptops going on, and the students have lots of techniques, they hide it behind a bag, a kit, in the pockets of a baggy, “she says.

The principle is simple: the jammer sends waves that block the reception of the network. “It’s very funny, students all tend to get closer to the windows, hoping it works better,” jokes Marie.

The use of a jammer in France is punishable by a fine of 450 euros, because only prisons and theaters are allowed to equip. Marie has bought a small, class-wide, “even if it works less well in the back row,” she jokes.

The small box prohibited it cost 60 euros, an investment. “My students do not know that I have one, of course, so they still try to get out their cell, I do more to annoy them a bit and it works,” says the teacher.

Marie has never been grilled by her young, although some have had suspicions. “It’s weird, it’s only in your room that we do not capture,” said a group of girls. And in these cases, she feigns innocence: “Listen, I do not know.”