May a threat fly over my property

Drones Jammer: Defense Against Drones Most people do not fully understand the answer to this question. Perhaps you also have the faint foreboding that this is probably not allowed in Germany, as your personal rights here are protected by the state. An explicit law against drones does not exist so far. However, there is a specific decision from a court that says that the accused pilot did not have the right to skim over a private property with his drone. In the eyes of the court, it did not even matter whether the drone concerned had a camera or not.

The AG Potsdam argued in its judgment of 16 April 2015, which can be found under the file number 37 C 454/13, so that an overflight with a drone is an interference with the personality right. The privacy of the landowner or tenant would be disturbed by such a drone overflight. While drone pilots can use their drones for hobbies, the protection of the privacy of third parties in this case, the more protected, more essential right. After all, it is so that drone pilots can fly their drones even if you do not disturb the privacy of other people. This is possible, for example, on their own property or in public areas. Thus, the freedom of action of the drone pilots is curtailed by this judgment only insofar as this serves to protect the privacy of others.

In Germany, more and more drones are in use, which are used in different areas to support individuals and companies in a variety of tasks. These include filming in sports, photographing weddings and checking the harvest with farmers. For example, in the area of public authorities, too, the threat is used to assist in situational awareness of disasters or accidents and fires.

Currently, it is estimated that between 800,000 and 1.5 million drones are in use in Germany. Their exact number is difficult to estimate, as there is no central recording of the drones and crashes and defects are not recorded. Thus, the quantity sold domestically can not be corrected by the loss.