Pilot location and drone authorization

Only when the drone is identified does the second step follow. Then the pilot is targeted, who controls the aircraft. This requires 2 to 3 devices that detect the direction from which the signals come from. The coordinates are transmitted to the police or the plant security, who then can search and (provisionally) arrest the illegal pilot.

It is also possible to hijack drones by invading their remote control. So you can divert the aircraft from the outside of the course. However, this is not legally permissible. Such external intervention in the drone control requires the approval of the responsible security authorities.

Drone hunters competing on airfield

In 2016, Deutsche Telekom invited a number of drone hunters to the Tannheim airfield south of Ulm for anti-drone combat. Among them were Dedrone from the USA, Droneshield from Australia, Squarehead Technology from Norway, Rohde & Schwarz and Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security (EBS). The victory was carried away by Dedrone. Telekom has been offering this service for some time now. It is used by companies, among others, to prevent industrial espionage. The defense system is also used to protect high-ranking personalities from drone attacks.

Whose drone was shot down in the Strait of Hormuz, the US and Iran are still arguing. The only thing is certain: The US warship “USS Boxer” shot down a drone on 18 July. According to the US military, an Iranian, Iranian does not mean Iranian. Meanwhile, it is also clear that it was opponent independent a historic launch. For the first time a drone was shot down with a new special drone defense system, as “Military” reported.

Like a jammer

Marine Air Defense Integrated System, short MADIS, is called the weapon. In addition to conventional firepower, MADIS can also act like a gps jammer. MADIS uses cameras and radar to scan the sky for drones. It emits electromagnetic waves to crash the drone. Which of the two systems was used is still open.

The 11th Marine Expedition Unit holds 2,220 troops and is currently on a six-month deployment in the Middle East. It is not the first unit to use new war technology. In early July, it was announced that the US Army in Afghanistan is testing mini-drones in pocket-sized format. (red, 24.7.2019).