Police are preparing for drones

Each year around one million small drone jammer are sold in the US and Europe alone. Last week, the deputy director of the Bundeswehr Armed Forces Technical Service (WTD 61) called this number at a technical demonstration at the headquarters of the department in Manching. This refers to multi-kilo multi-rotors weighing several kilograms, which carry a camera or other sensors.

In Germany, the data of the owners must be affixed on a sticker on the device. However, in many countries, the sale or use of unmanned systems is not regulated, which could endanger them as a “terrorist weapon” for the military in the field. At least that’s what the federal government is writing. Small drones have thus proved to be “a versatile technical tool in the planning, execution and evaluation of operations of terrorist organizations”. As a “terrorist act” they would be used for “airborne reconnaissance and espionage, to identify potential vulnerabilities in the run-up to attacks and steering steep-field fires”.