Nicolas Bay on the authorization of mobile phones in prison: “The solution is to generalize the jammers”

POLITICS – The Secretary General of the National Front reacted Wednesday, August 23 on LCI to the proposal of the custody of the Seals, Nicole Belloubet, to authorize the detention of cell phones known as “clamped” by prisoners. According to him, this proposal is an admission of “laxity”.

Asked by Hélène Lecomte in the political morning of LCI, Nicolas Bay criticized the proposal of the custody of the Seals to generalize mobile phones, already massively present in prisons and prisons. “The solution is not to generalize mobile phones in prisons.The solution is to generalize the gps jammer,” he proposed the secretary general of the FN. “It’s inexpensive and it’s not difficult to put in place.”

According to him, this hypothesis shows “that there has never been any political will to eradicate cell phones in prisons”. Nicolas Bay also insisted on the need to control communications between detainees and the outside: “This allows criminals to organize their belongings from their place of detention.”