How can I avoid being eavesdropped by Packet Forensics?

Hello guys! I am often using VoIP to communicate with people I know and recently I’ve learned about this company. How their eavesdropping can be avoided?

Perfectjammer’s “soft kill” approach of disabling the drone by cutting commands and navigation links is better than a more kinetic approach – a birdhot loaded rifle, for example. A radio wave energy flow will not hurt people and will not cause damage to property.

Packet Forensics eavesdropping technology is mostly used in the internet to monitor traffic, pages people are visiting, and so on, but it has also one implementation in communications eavesdropping. Yes, it is the VoIP technology. When VoIP connection is established between two users, Packet Forensics system places itself between user A and user B. If we would call this system “user C”, then VoIP connection would look like two connections – user A to user C and user B to user C instead of the direct user A to user B connection.

In such way the company would eavesdrop all VoIP conversations and the original participants of the VoIP conversation would not even suspect that they have been eavesdropped, in some cases even thinking that they are using protected connection while in sober fact they have been monitored for the whole time. And because VoIP is transferred through wireless connections, you need to use Packet Forensics jammer in order to secure your VoIP conversations and avoid being eavesdropped.

The gps jammer can also disrupt GPS signals, an important feature of self-guided UAVs based on satellite navigation guidelines. Once stuck, the drone can then be directed to hover in place.