What frequencies iPhone 5 and iPad 3 would use and how to block them?

Hi people! I am curious what frequencies would be used by iPhone 5 and iPad 3 that would be released in summer and fall next year and how can I block them?

What is your first opinion when you enter the hospital? Will it still be noisy like many other places? The answer is certainly not that the peaceful condition must be created for the patients so that they have a good rest. But now, since people use mobile phones and sometimes not only people who come to see patients but sometimes doctors and nurses have also forgotten to adjust the mode of mobile phones and under certain conditions to the hospital in fact The mobile phones are not allowed to be used as once being disturbed can be the result will be very serious then. So for the hospital, it is also necessary to block the mobile phone signals, then the cell phone jammer of the hospital is needed.

And it is very likely that a lot of people would purchase them at start using everywhere, thus you are already thinking about blocking their signals next year. In order to deal with their 4G bands you need to use iPhone 5 / iPad 3 wifi jammer that is capable of blocking all 4G frequency band in its jamming radius.

Modern communication technologies are developing but jamming industry goes in a line with them, thus every new gadget can and will be jammed! 😉