What jammer can help me to block GPS monitor in my van?

Hello guys! The company I work for installed a GPS monitor in my van. Please let me know which jammer I should get in order to block its signal for sure.

We use Wi-Fi connections, but we do not know how easily it can be hacked. We use Bluetooth and we have never heard of Bluesnarfing (Bluetooth hacking technique). And, of course, we use GPS to know where we are and how to get where we need, but have you heard that the GPS navigator can be tracked?

Every day, more and more people are worried about defending their privacy. We all know that many of these newly introduced wireless gadgets may steal our personal information and we would not even know it.

To achieve your rightful goal you need to block the signal of this tracker installed in your van. Thus you need to use van GPS jammer to prevent this GPS tracker from sending the data about your location to the base station situated somewhere in the company you work for. This jamming device will help you to maintain your right for personal freedom of movement.

As you can see, despite the companies’ attempts to control you and watch all your movements, you always have the ability to influence the situation! 😉