How can I avoid being filmed by GoBandit Live?

Hi people! The GoBandit Live cam presented at CES 2012 is really small and it is also WiFi-enabled, so the danger of being filmed is high. Can I avoid it?

Prison authorities in Quebec will eventually be able to install wave wifi jammers in prison, to better neutralize the smuggling of cell phones among inmates.
The Department of Public Safety (PSM) has confirmed to the Journal that the use of these devices – which are banned in Canada – will be exceptionally permitted in prisons and penitentiaries to combat this scourge.
Several provinces, including Quebec, urged Ottawa to amend its Radiocommunication Act to allow them to use wave jammers to “unplug” inmates who bring in smartphones in jail.

At CES 2012 it was the prototype, but it will be available in March. Until then GoBandit finish the companion iOS app that will allow the camera owner to work with it with comfort. So when the March will come, you’ll need to block the WiFi signal of the GoBandit Live by all means. Or if you are planning to become the owner of that camera, you might want to block its GPS signal to prevent being tracked by evildoers and keep your life safe and confident.

The correctional services of Quebec – undermined by two escapes of convicts by helicopter in as many years and the release by mistake of the son of Maurice “Mom” Boucher, Francis, on the run since Monday – remain however evasive on the application of This measure