How can I make Amazon to stop spying on me?

Hi everyone! I have heard about some tracking patents of Amazon that allow the company to track us. How it really works and what can be done to stop this?

Everyday we have heard a lot of complaints, the protection of privacy is broken, we do everything to organize other people and various espionage, such as the National Security Authority hidden.That’s why we decided to interfere in a store to provide you with some suggestions how to protect your privacy and various gps jammer devices and not to hurt anyone else.First, we hope you remember blocking signal is a weapon, it can be nasty with the fact of evil, so watch out.

The system is quite accurate so all displays on your way will probably show many ads trying to convince you to buy something. If that does not work, you will also periodically get a lot of ads on your mobile phone for them to be sure that it works. Could you imagine how annoying this may be? Yet the worst thing is that this system not only knows where you were or where you are, it will also discover where you would be in the future. Imagine how dangerous this information may become in the wrong hands!

Since this system operates using cell phone tower triangulation, GPS tracking and even WiFi triangulation (like the one used by Google and Apple), you need to stop Amazon patent from spying on you and reclaim your privacy and movement freedom!