WiFi makes me even more fat, doesn’t it?

Hello everybody! Recently I have discovered that McDonalds introduced free WiFi hotspots in its restaurants across UK. Are they trying to make us more fat?

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As for your question, I guess they are not trying to make you more fat intentionally. Still, most people are visiting McDonalds regularly and now they will probably spend even more time there because of that free WiFi. And this may become the reason why they get more fat – because of eating more food during their stay at the famous restaurant chain of McDonalds.

So if you like to eat and use wireless internet at the same time – go directly to McDonalds and enjoy! But if you care about your weight and want to help others do that – use any of WiFi jammers to stop eating too much and it may become the first step on the road of the healthier life of yours! 😉

You should worry about wireless network is the second thing.Most smart phone users in a public place, Wi-Fi connection, not only their use on the Internet, and the installation of updates and mobile processing information from their bank. This is very dangerous, especially for an android for the user, since the Android operating system is the low-use version of the SSL RC4 encryption algorithm. Many people want to endanger their private information. They are always through the social network to share some things.