What can I do with the lack of wireless bandwidth?

Hi folks! I guess the government is not in a hurry to deal with the lack of wireless bandwidth in the USA so I am asking you – can I do something with it?

You should worry about wireless network is the second thing.Most smart phone users in a public place, Wi-Fi connection, not only their use on the Internet, and the installation of updates and mobile processing information from their bank. This is very dangerous, especially for an android for the user, since the Android operating system is the low-use version of the SSL RC4 encryption algorithm. Many people want to endanger their private information. They are always through the social network to share some things.

Sure, receiving slow video on your smartphone is bad, but please imagine the impact that bandwidth shortage will make on more important things like healthcare apps for doctors, business services, or special programs for education. The result of really bad connection for those apps will have much worse consequences.

Imagine any doctor utilizing specific app who cannot remotely monitor the life signs of the pregnant patient and her unborn child anymore because somebody outside the hospital is watching HD video. There are no doctors in our world who can personally watch every patient; they just have no time for that. Or what if there’s an emergency business encounter and connection is lost exactly as the CEO is saying key numbers to all members of the board of directors? Or students lose connection to their professor during the time when he gives the study keys for their final exam. Those are real-life situations signal jammer when bandwidth shortages may have truly bad consequences.

Now I’ll leave you with that to think about. Meanwhile here is the information for those doctors, businessmen, students and other people suffering from bandwidth shortage. You can protect your bandwidth in a way that is not easy to implement but when it is done – stability and reliability will come. I am talking about blocking the wireless signals around the tower but not the tower itself from all directions except yours. While this might sound a little selfish this also become a guarantee that important things will work as they should. And HD video can wait until you get home.