Can I prevent Carrier IQ from spying on me somehow?

Hi people! I’ve heard that Carrier IQ software is really tough thing that is probably impossible to shut down. But how can I protect my smartphone from it?

That’s why piracy has tried to find in Spiegel’s report, is the new style of secret service – real, such as monitoring the National Security Agency of your phone.This is the simplest and most the most expensive way to get large amounts of data.Here the most dangerous thing you can not do everything.

First of all, read this blog article. There you will find useful information regarding Carrier IQ case and also very helpful video on how to find Carrier IQ software on your smartphone. When you do that, you can protect your smartphone from Carrier IQ software by not letting it send the data from it somewhere else.

By the way, if your smartphone is using 4G cell phone jammer in its work, you can also prevent your 4G smartphone from sharing data with Carrier IQ software for sure.

Ever-changing science and technology, plays a lot of equipment can be used to track ,, specific data collection, such as the login / password, a smart phone – mail and you know you.Little whatever is the smart mobile phone, modern mobile operating system its manufacturer and it is running, it’s dangerous.But the main reason is a fact, a device having all the data for you.Your personal information you are currently contact information, your friends, and so on.

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