What parts signal jammer consists of?

Hi people! The structure and used components of various devices are very interesting to me. Can someone tell me about the structure of cell signal jammers?

Recently, a number of prisons have come together to ask the FCC to allow scrambling inside their walls and await a decision. This way of “fixing” the problem involves a number of problems, the most important of which is that the guards will not be able to use their cell phones and that if the radio frequency of the prison is near one of the groups of phones cell phones, chances are they can not even use their walkie talkie. If paramedics, police or firefighters are called into a jail and their radio system is in the 800 MHz band, it is quite possible that once inside the prison gates, they will lose their own communications.

The real solution is NOT to allow jammers. Since most people do not understand the consequences of installing a jammer, it could trigger a rush from others who believe that if jails can use jammers, they should be able to use them.

ll components are carefully selected to minimize the size of signal jammer, maximize its output power and increase the overall effectiveness of the jamming process. Along with the great useability manufacturers are also trying to create great looking jammers for customers to enjoy the looks of the devices they use.

As you can see, any industry takes good care about the products it makes and jamming industry is not an exception.