What are the most frequently jammed frequencies?

Hi guys! There are a lot of different frequency bands that could be jammed so I want to know about the most popular ones and their various combinations.

Scramblers are used in schools, restaurants and other places where homeowners want to prevent people from making and receiving phone calls when they are indoors. Recently, prisons have begun to consider deploying jammers to prevent detainees from using cell phones in prison. It is illegal to have a cell phone inside a prison, but again, that does not seem to prevent detainees from owning them.

It’s easy to buy devices on the Internet that will scramble wireless signals for cell phones, GPS signals, Wi-Fi systems, and more. The jammers work by flooding an area with noise that covers the radio jamming bands. Since these are cheap devices that are not approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), they often broadcast noise in other bands. A US cellular band is adjacent to the 800 MHz band where Nextel, some public, government and business security systems are deployed, so it is likely that these signals will be scrambled with the target bands.

The most popular combinations among jammed frequencies are 3G/GSM jammers, GSM/GPS jammers, WiFi/Bluetooth jammers, UHF/VHF jammers and LoJack/4G/XM Radio jammers. The rest of them often jam only one frequency band, even if it is not very wide. Yet there are some unique models for you to be able to take part in creation of the cell phone jammer you need.

The model of the desktop jammer that has five antennas and extremely wide spectrum of frequencies which you can pre-select to be jammed by your jammer is called multifrequency jammer. It allows you to block chosen frequency bands all at once or separately, and even in any combination you like them to be jammed.