How can I prevent Mushroom Networks ThirdEye peeping on me?

Hello people! Recently I have got wind of Mushroom Networks ThirdEye system that includes video cameras and wireless connections so I want to know how to avoid it watching me?

Teachers have the right to do their work without being disturbed. Teachers may find it really disrespectful if a student does not listen. Mobile phones should be blocked in many teachers’ hearts because schools simply want to make sure their students have the best education. Take the right mobile phone lock tool to take back the right right now. Students can argue that they have the right to use the mobile phone as they wish, so that they can use it as they please. But they also have a duty to study hard for their future, which is more important than you should know.

The original technology that is used by Mushroom Networks ThirdEye system is called Broadband Bonding. As I have already written, it is based on the usage of 3G and 4G cell phone frequency bands which are used to transmit the data filmed by pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera or cameras through the internet and right to the central data server.

Since you cannot stop the camera from streaming and recording video, you need to do something with this wireless signal sending recorded data to the remote server. You can prevent Mushroom Networks ThirdEye peeping on you via 3G band but don’t forget to block the Mushroom Networks ThirdEye 4G signal because to be absolutely sure that this system is harmless to you you need to get rid of both wireless cell phone frequencies it can use.

To create a good class environment is necessary, the cell phone jammer is a good choice, you can quickly and effectively block the signal from the mobile cell phone wave scrambler.