Is Cellcontrol really nice for distracted driving prevention?

Hello everybody! Recently I’ve discovered that there is a special app called Cellcontrol that may be used to prevent distracted driving among teens. Does it really effective?

Logistics and other companies often install GPS plotter scrambler to track vehicle movements.
They are also used so that vehicles carrying valuable loads can be tracked.

Apart from this method, visitors also smuggle into cell phones by hiding them in intimate parts of the body and if inmates conspire with prison officials to bring them a cell phone in exchange for money.

Mr. Wang explained that although they strictly observe the regulations in the establishment, there are cases that they can not control or prevent, like when cell phones were brought inside by throwing gadgets on the perimeter of the prison.

In general, the system of all those devices and apps works quite effectively, but it may be a little bit complicated to set it all up, and in addition it works only when the car is moving. But there is another solution. Your children might keep small cell phone jammer in the glovebox of their cars which has car adapter and can work there as long as it is necessary, preventing teens from talking and texting while driving for whole time they are at the wheel.