Can I prevent Masternaut from tracking me somehow?

Hello everyone! When I take my parents’ car there is that Masternaut gadget with GPS inside that tracks my movements. Is there any way to stop it without crashing it to pieces?

Although Sri Kshetra Dharmastala’s management does not intend to introduce a mobile signal jammer inside the shrine, security personnel ensure that no devotees use mobile phones in the premises. of the temple. Temple director Veeru Shetty said the security men were ordered to ask the devotees to turn off their cell phones in the temple grounds.

It uses GPS to track your location and movement data, inertial and gyroscopic system to constantly detect acceleration and breaking, and microprocessor to process and record overall usage and revisions. This little black box gives driver almost real-time feedback, flashing and blinking lights when it detects bad driving behavior like breaking or accelerating too fast, making sharp turns and so on, which all results in the wasting of gas.

Masternaut black box is attached to the dashboard of the car and then it starts its work. It not only helps to monitor the performance of drivers in various companies and save fuel costs but also it can give parents the ability to watch the whereabouts of their kids using parents’ car. I guess that is the reason why you have asked this question, and I can understand you. When I was your age I didn’t want my parents to know all about my private life too.

“We installed the mobile wave signal jammer with the help of a private agency, but we blocked signals from all service providers inside the temple to prevent enthusiasts from using mobile phones,” he said, adding that the move has been a success so far.