Is there any jammer that can jam DSM and DSM2 signals?

Hi everyone! I know that those are some kind of wireless signals but nothing more about them. Can those two be jammed by any of the signal jammers?

Note that he will always add clients and access points as he finds them after the first pass.

Here is how it works. First of all the receiver bounds to the transmitter and then uses its unique identification code to control the selected UAV. After the first switch on of the transmitter it finds two spare channels and then uses them both at the same time. Receiver searches for the unique code in the channels to find those two selected by the transmitter. If one channel is jammed then the system will use other one.

As you can see, Spektrum thought over their remote controls pretty well and their technology allows surveillance drone owners to work with their UAVs in the best way. Still if you are shadowed by such surveillance drone you can block the signal of Spektrum DSM and DSM2 thus making flying UAV helpless without the control of its owner and stopping the harassment you were suffering.

The executive director of Kadri Sri Manjunatha Temple, Ningaiah, said they did not intend to install a mobile signal jammer inside the temple because there is a directive in this regard from the Department of religious endowment.