How can I protect myself from people using GPS trackers to terrorize others?

Hi folks! Recently read about some guy and his family from Ontario who were terrorized by unknown people who placed GPS tracker under their car. Can I secure my car from this threat?

The initiative was taken as a result of requests from devotees to keep the temple premises safe from noise. Temple engineer KC Udayakumar told TOI that the mobile signal jammer was ordered a few days ago.

This is to let people meditation, the prayer is not affected by the outside noise interference, the use of jammers will be the best choice, high power jammer can almost around the block a few hundred meters radius, blocking different frequency band signals, make communication tools is paralyzed, to ensure that the temple calm.

They are purchasing GPS trackers under the pretense of fleet tracking but they can use those devices on any car, secretly and illegally. You can regularly make full examination of your car but I guess it may be too wearisome for you, and it will definitely take a lot of your spare time that you would better spend with your friends and family. So that is probably not an option.

The Supreme Court has made its decision and now using GPS trackers without a special warrant is illegal. Still if someone really wants to track your movements, this restriction will not stop them from using GPS tracker under your car. But there is another way to get round this terrible problem that can bear upon anyone these days. In order to secure you and your family from possible movement tracking you can protect yourself from people using GPS trackers to terrorize you, securing your car from GPS tracking and making your movements absolutely private.