Cell phone tracking prevention – is it really possible?

How can I prevent someone from tracking me through my cell phone?

The 4G scrambler works to shut off the 4G phone signal and prevent the 4G tracking device from operating to ensure a quiet state. LoJack is used for low frequency tracking and is often used to track motorcycles or some advanced laptops. To prevent privacy being stolen, LoJack jammers come then. And XM radio is the satellite entertainment channel and from which you can listen to music, radio shows, news and so on, and it is well received by students. XM Jammers can block XM radio signals and apply them, which greatly improves class efficiency.

More complex way of tracking your cell phone is called A-GPS technology. It uses not only GPS navigation of your cell phone but also cell phone towers as an additional source of location information. Together those technologies can quickly and easily triangulate your location, starting from the position between cell phone towers and then determining your location more precisely via GPS tracking. You need to use pocket GSM/GPS jammer in order to avoid this type of tracking.

If you have a smartphone with the WiFi connectivity, company called Septier will be able to use it in order to track your location, and in the nearest future they will be able to track you even indoors. So it would be great for you to block WiFi frequency in this case.

WiFi and Bluetooth are a kind of wireless technology that supports data exchange over short distances from fixed and mobile devices using the 2.4G frequency band, which can be used to send information and files. However, it is very possible that your privacy of highly secretive documents is attacked by the hacker as being used as wireless internet, they have a weak ability to work against hackers. And on the other hand as WiFi and Bluetooth have the ability to track your position and main work, so others may know your privacy easily. In this case, the WiFi blocker can play an important role in helping to eliminate the potential danger.