What can I use to jam the CalAmp LMU-2600 GPRS/CDMA/HSPA Series?

Hi everybody! I need to find a signal jammer for this paticular device. CalAmp LMU-2600 GPRS/CDMA/HSPA Series. This was just hidden on my truck, without notice. Any help would be great. Want to order something ASAP!

In their video on YouTube, they continue to explain that jammers essentially throw a noise load on all WiFi channels making frequencies unusable at a certain distance from the jammer. Scramblers are normally quite expensive, mostly illegal, and therefore hard to find unless of course you build yours.

By switching to a new channel, it will identify targets on that channel and send 1 packet of deauth to the client from the access point, 1 point to the client’s access point, and 1 point to the point of access. access to the broadcast address. connected to the AP. Many access points ignore deauths to broadcast addresses.

In addition to the tracking ability this CalAmp tracking device has an accelerometer to determine the behavior of the driver like aggressive acceleration or breaking, hard steering and truck impacts. It can be mounted almost anywhere due to the external and internal antenna location variations. It also has a system called PEG (which is Programmable Event Generator) that instantly reacts to the environment of the vehicle and other predefined and programmed factors like date and time, motion and location of the vehicle, its geo-zone, input and other important events or conditions.

So if you want to successfully get rid of that annoying tracking device in your truck, you need to use complex tracking jammer against CalAmp LMU-2600 GPRS/CDMA/HSPA Series and block all its signals which can reveal your locations to those who placed this tracking device into your truck.