Can Boston Dynamics SandFlea robot constitute a threat to me?

Hi guys! Recently I watched a video on Youtube where that amazing jumping robot made by Boston Dynamics was featured. At first I thought “Wow! That’s a cool thing!” but then I’ve started to think about it is possibly dangerous usage. Can I have some protection against it, just in case?

Brookstone Rover Spy Tank surveillance robot can be remotely controlled by many different personal gadgets. Among them are iPad tablets, iPhone devices, and iPod Touch of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations. Regardless of the device used to control this spying Rover, it will create WiFi connection with the chosen gadget and use it for real-time controlling of the Rover spying robot of the AC13 model.

There are 6 AA batteries used to power Brookstone Rover Spy Tank but you cannot affect them. In order to prevent it from spying on your house you need to block Brookstone Rover Spy Tank wireless signal, leaving this spying drone helpless without direct human control from the remote location which is, by the way, performed in one of the two ways – either via on-screen driving arrows or in so called G-Drive Mode that uses the accelerometer of your handheld device to control the Rover.

Everyone hates cell phone jammer  that go off at inappropriate times – movies, classrooms, funerals (especially bad for anyone with a cheerful disco ring), and of course religious services come to mind. Kenyan Muslims are thrilled to find a device that blocks mobile phone signals: Kenyan imams have long complained that mobile phones are constantly ringing during …