Is it possible to prevent CCTV cameras watching my moves

Hello everyone! I guess all of you know what TV camera is, so here is my question: can I use some kind of jammer to make this rude thing leave me alone?!

Cell phone signal disturbance device is not clearly defined by the law if can use, but the company needs this type of equipment, there are a number of countries call of citizens should be legal to use, can use place. Schools, prisons, service stations, etc. Should schools be allowed to use mobile phone jammers?

The popularity of smart phones, made almost everyone has a mobile phone, its product for communication is very convenient, you can easily be more family communication, and even video calls. But the use of mobile phones has become more and more serious. Smart phones have the function of shooting, GPS positioning, GPS navigation and other functions. These functions are both convenient for people and can pose a significant threat, among which information is disclosed, and GPS tracking of mobile phones is more common on mobile phones.

The working frequency of TV camera is in the frequency range of this desktop signal jammer, so in the jamming range of this device all CCTV cameras, no matter hidden or not, will be absolutely blocked and unable to transmit any video signals.

If you will have some more questions about jammers, just ask them. And remember, there are probably no such devices which cannot be jammed in eighter way!