Can I protect myself from ETI Group VIGILANT surveillance

Hello people! I have read that there is a huge surveillance system called VIGILANT made by ETI Group. Is it possible to protect myself from it in some way?

Due to the spread of smartphones using, also caused a lot of civilization problem in public places, including the above teenagers use a mobile phone to play games, they will open up to the voice of the game is great , to the next person kind of noise pollution. Moreover, in some quiet places, they call loudly, causing others to rest and read. There are many things like that, almost all of which happen to teenagers. Some people who have been poisoned by these things have called for banning the use of mobile phones by students, or for the use of cell phone jammers in quiet public places.

Whether on the street, in the subway or on a waiting area, many teens use their smartphones. Most of them use mobile phones to play games or watch information about the game. A mobile phone that reads novels, chats with friends, of course, some people use smartphones to see something related to learning, but the situation is very limited.

Considering all this information, you can end up thinking that you need to use really advanced jamming device in order to prevent such elaborated system from spying on you. That is why you need to use ETI Group VIGILANT jammer that would block all signals of mobile phone networks of all standards, wireless signals like WiFi and Bluetooth, and other signals which may be used by this system to find you.

Modern digital world is very dangerous place where our every single step, action and even word can be monitored. But modern jammers can help you to fight against this breach of justice!