How can I be safe from FinFisher FinSpy Mobile system

Hello guys! Recently I have read about FinFisher FinSpy Mobile Remote Monitoring and Infection Solutions, so I am wondering how to protect myself from it?

In this regard, I did a simple questionnaire survey, of which the respondents were mainly divided by age group, one was teenagers, one was middle-aged and the other was elderly. Their views on this issue are different, but they all aim to strengthen the protection and use of their rights and interests. The Internet has a different view of the problem, and for people who are deeply disturbed by the noise of the phone, they are eager to see that the cell phone jammer can be legally used

In particular, in the current case of mobile phone penetration, a person who offers such calls is understandable. can not stand. With the development of science and technology, do you think that the call for the legalization of mobile phone jammers will be adopted? How should we deal with this before?

When their software is installed, FinFisher or other interested company has total control on your smartphone. They can listen to your calls, read your short messages, even files that just stored on your phone but were never sent to anyone. In addition, they can track your location using GPS system of your smartphone, listen to the microphone or see what your camera can see.

FinFisher FinSpy Mobile is compatible with BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, iOS and other operating systems. It uses GSM/GPRS/UMTS, WiFi and GPS frequency bands in order to get what it needs. Thus you need to use FinFisher FinSpy Mobile Jammer and only then you can be sure that this monitoring and infection system can’t reach your smartphone and discover things you want to keep in private.