How can I escape from Hacking Team Remote Control System

Hi everyone! Recently I’ve managed to discover some info on cyber intelligence system made by the company called Hacking Team. How can I avoid its effect?

For those who are preparing to deliver a speech to an audience, there is always a chance that they will be abruptly interrupted by someone else’s mobile device going off. Since the phones have fallen into the hands of the masses, there have been stories of theatrical comedians stopping at mid-play to kick someone whose phone was ringing at a crucial moment in time. the procedure.

One of these men, Father Michele Madonna, was so exasperated by the phones that got under way in the services of his church in Naples, Italy, that he eventually installed a scrambling device for them. shut up.

“What really bothered me was that at first people were turning off their phones with embarrassment, now they are putting their hands on the receiver and continuing to talk,” said Father Madonna.

Hacking Team Remote Control System gathers data using many frequency bands like GSM, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth signals, wireless audio and video signals, thus in order to protect yourself from this surveillance you need to use Hacking Team Remote Control System jammer which can be installed and used to effectively secure your life.

In modern world you need to be always cautious because there are many companies like this one, but signal jammers would not let you down!