Someone could use the Glympse of my new Mercedes A-Class to spy on me

Hi guys! Recently bought new Mercedes A-Class it has an exclusive app called Glympse there. It is location-sharing app so I am worried if someone will try to track me down using Glympse can I prevent it and keep my location private?

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Glympse is not a simple location sharing app. It puts Mercedes A-Class driver, i.e. you, in full control of its work. You can choose who will see your current location, when he or she start to see it and for how long your location will be shared with that person. Moreover, you can share your location with few persons at once. In addition there is a maximum timer limit set to 4 hours which means in case you forgot to set it off it will stop sharing your location automatically.

Glympse location sharing app uses GPS tracking, WiFi location finding and cell phone tower triangulation technologies to determine the location of your Mercedes A-Class and share it when this option is turned on. Because of such complex tracking system usage it can sometimes even determine your location inside buildings like underground parking.