Mobile phone tracking prevention – is it really possible

How can I prevent someone from tracking me through my cell phone?

Larson said that to reduce the inconvenience of mobile phone use, customers should use their “mute button, volume control, vibrate mode, voicemail and an on / off button” as needed.

Despite this, US law discourages the use of the frequency gps jammer and limits its spread among consumers, said Kagan, the analyst. The wireless industry claims that jamming devices are putting the public at risk.

“One hundred and fifty million Americans rely on wireless phones, doctors may miss hospital calls or parents may miss baby-sitters’ emergency calls,” said Travis Larson, Cellular Telecommunications spokesperson. and Internet Association.

More complex way of tracking your cell phone is called A-GPS technology. It uses not only GPS navigation of your cell phone but also cell phone towers as an additional source of location information. Together those technologies can quickly and easily triangulate your location, starting from the position between cell phone towers and then determining your location more precisely via GPS tracking. You need to use pocket GSM/GPS jammer in order to avoid this type of tracking.

If you have a smartphone with the WiFi connectivity, company called Septier will be able to use it in order to track your location, and in the nearest future they will be able to track you even indoors. So it would be great for you to block WiFi frequency in this case.

As the bottom line I can say that if your cell phone has all of the technologies I have mentioned then instead of carrying around all those jammers for separate frequency blocking you can use the best cell phone jammer we have and select what frequencies you need to block and what to leave in the working condition.