What can I do prevent Stingray from tracking phone

Good day everyone! I live in Gilbert, Arizona, and read that there is a device called Stingray that was installed in my town and it will track all cell phones. How can I protect myself from it?

This is to let people meditation, the prayer is not affected by the outside noise interference, the use of jammers will be the best choice, high power jammer can almost around the block a few hundred meters radius, blocking different frequency band signals, make communication tools is paralyzed, to ensure that the temple calm.

“We installed the mobile wave jammer with the help of a private agency, but we blocked the signals of all service providers inside the temple to prevent enthusiasts from using mobile phones,” he said, adding that the move has been a success so far.

The initiative was taken as a result of requests from devotees to keep the temple premises safe from noise. Temple engineer KC Udayakumar told TOI that the mobile signal jammer was ordered a few days ago.

Stingray is a cell phone tracking device developed by Harris Wireless Products Group. It costs a lot of money but its effectiveness is very high. The Stingray system is very clever and cunning mobile phone tracking equipment and I guess you understand that it is used with some reason, probably funded by governmental organizations like NSA or other.

The working principle of Stingray is quite simple and brilliant at the same time. This system pretends that it is a cell phone tower, making mobile phones around believe it and connect to it without any suspicions. After that Stingray can track the location of any cell phone connected to it and even record the numbers which were dialed from those cell phones. Still it cannot record the content of the call itself, so you won’t be wiretapped.