Is it true that all New York citizens are eavesdropped in Milwaukee

Hello guys! I have heard the rumour about Milwaukee is full of hidden sound sensors which can record your conversations. Is it true and how can I prevent that?

“Put a GPS in the car is useful because we are directed to the place where to look for it, if it is stolen, even if the thief tries to damage the tracking device, the last position of the car is frozen in the data “an AATS officer. “However, the new gps jammer devices are a big threat: the earlier scrambling devices cost Rs 25,000 per piece, but now even a small automatic liftier can buy a scrambler from Rs 5000 to Rs 1200 and use it to help activities criminal. ”

NEW DELHI: If you thought your car was safe because you installed a “foolproof” GPS security system, you need to rethink it. Car thieves use devices that can block a vehicle’s GPS signal and pull it out of the network. Detectives from the Anti-Theft Squad (AATS) are concerned that these battery-powered portable devices may also be used in kidnappings and other crimes involving GPS booths.

The ShotSpotter gunshot detection system triangulates the location of spotted gunshot sound detected by acoustic sensors and notifies operator about that location. When there are so many gunshots being unreported these days, not only in New York but in other cities as well, this system does a great job in helping police to discover gunfire cases and react to them accordingly.

ShotSpotter system is one of the latest additions to the equipment of modern police forces along with body cameras, license plate scanners, hand-held fingerprint identifiers and GPS tracking devices. So to make sure your privacy rights are protected you can block ShotSpotter gunshot detection system along with other devices which might violate your personal rights